Our Mission Statement

Encourage others to experience and respond to God’s love
Equip them through commitment to a local church
Empower them to be a blessing to the community

Our Vision and Values

God First

Passionate Worship: We respond to the Father’s love shown in Jesus Christ with joyful Spirit-led worship.

Hunger for God’s Word: We strive to grow in our understanding of, and obedience to, the Bible

Empowered by the Holy Spirit: We seek God to use us for His kingdom purposes with those we meet.

Devoted to Church Family

Everyone is Valued: We believe our diversity is a gift and we all have a role to play in our church family.

Growing Together: We are committed to developing a closer relationship with Jesus and with each other.

Gracious Relationships: We reflect God’s generosity and mercy in the way we respond in love to each other.

Serving our Community and Beyond

Loving the Ramsden Estate: We desire to bless others and make a positive impact in this community.

Sharing our Faith: We are outward-looking and will share the good news with those we meet.

Heart for the Nations: We are excited to play our part in seeing God’s kingdom grow throughout the world.