Our Community Fridge aims to distribute fresh food for everyone.

Every Wednesday and Saturday from around 9.30am we give out fresh food generously donated by Fair Share and other local retailers. There is usually a variety of bakery, fruit and vegetables, grocery and other items.
In good weather, the food is distributed on a first-come-first-served basis from tables in the car park outside our white cabin. If it is raining, the food will be distributed from the main church building.
The Fridge aims to give food support to households particularly on the Ramsden Estate, but also Orpington and beyond, as well as helping to reduce food waste.
When we finish our time of lockdown and social distancing, we will review our provision and Community Fridge may return to Tuesdays and Thursday mornings (as it was before lockdown), but we may continue to have a larger Saturday morning Community Fridge. Watch this space!
For more information, please contact Neil Maltman using the form below.