Once known as the ‘Walking Church’, Unity and Mission define our history.

The poster advertising the main fundraising walk.

1000 walkers to hike from Orpington to Canterbury! This was one of many walks arranged to raise funds for a church building on the newly built Ramsden Estate. Significantly, these events united Christians from many different churches in Orpington, as well as some local groups.

Gathering at All Saints, Orpington before the walk.

Before the masses begun their blister-making 55 mile route to Canterbury, Brian Todd, along with two of his police colleagues walked from York to Orpington in five days carrying a letter from the Bishop. It was the faith and courage of these many fundraisers that enabled the building of the Church of Unity to commence.

On the 9th September 1967, the Church of Unity was officially opened as the Anglican Church partnered with the Methodist Church. Over many years the Church served the estate and had a significant impact on the lives of many children and young people.

Unfortunately as the years passed by the church started to decline in numbers. There was a great need for more workers to help re-build and strengthen the church. As work began to bring new life to the Church of Unity, God was at work calling men and women to mission on the Ramsden Estate. Alongside this, an exciting new partnership between the Anglican Church and Regions Beyond was being organised.

A New Start

On 3rd June 2012, Unity Church was launched under a Bishop Mission Order. This new church was comprised of the original Church of Unity congregation plus Christians from primarily Christ Church Orpington and Hope Church.

Since then, God has done so much. People have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Many children and young people have found a place where they are valued and cared for. Those who are struggling with food-poverty are receiving practical help and support. The once tired looking building has been improved and updated. And God has amazed us with His provision.

What’s Next?

As soon as you write history, it quickly needs updating! So why not, come and see for yourself what God is doing at Unity Church?

If you have any questions, please get in contact below or call 07723 291151.