Want to grow in your Bible knowledge? Would you like to get more out of your quiet time? Do you desire to understand more about the Old Testament?

Join us as we begin our new mid-week group Going Deeper in the Bible. Between September and December, we will be discovering more about the first four books of the Bible. In fact, you do not need to have a good understanding of the Bible to join this group – it is for everyone! Over the next four months we will be encouraging you to:
  • Commit to coming on Wednesday nights at 8pm for some engaging, interactive teaching. In addition to this, every evening there will be an opportunity to look at a Bible passage and discuss with others in a smaller group. 
  • Read the Bible for yourself. By reading roughly a chapter a day, you can read through Genesis and Exodus yourself before Christmas! If you struggle with reading, there are some very good apps that will read the passages to you.
  • Remember some Bible passages. Memorising Scripture is very powerful and during these sessions, we would love to grow in this area together.
If you would like more information or to sign up to our Going Deeper groups, please use the contact form below.