We are really excited to be meeting again on Sundays. This will be a different experience of church, but we believe that God is at work and will meet with us in a special way as we gather together.

In order to keep us all safe, please read through the following information which will help you prepare for returning to church.

Is it safe for me to return to church?

  • If you are currently able to visit shops and go out and about in the community then you should feel confident to attend church.

How will the service be different?

  • We will be all ages together all the time, so we are working to make it an engaging and worshipful time for all
  • We are not currently allowed to sing all together, but we will have songs sung by the worship group.
  • Refreshments will not be able to be served at the end of the service

What hygiene measures will be in place?

  • Regular cleaning and sanitising of the church premises
  • Hand sanitisers inside the building
  • Face masks will be worn by all those entering the building. We will have disposable masks for those who do not have their own.
  • As far as practicable, doors and windows will be open for ventilation

How will social distancing be implemented?

  • We will be seated in rows spaced at 1.5 metres apart and you will be directed to your seats by the stewards, filling from the front rows. Please remain in your seat during the meeting.
  • There will be a seating plan worked out beforehand to allow family groups to sit together, couples to sit together and singles to be distanced accordingly.
  • The aisles will be 2 metres.
  • There will be a clearly marked one-way system for movement inside the building
  • One person at a time will be able to use the toilets. Antibacterial wipes will be available to wipe surfaces after use.
  • At the end of the meeting you will be asked to stay seated whilst the stewards direct each row, from the front, to exit the hall by the double fire doors.
  • Please leave the church site as soon as possible after the meeting, to reduce any further risk.

What happens with my contact details?

  • We will keep a register (GDPR compliant) for 21 days of everyone who attends, together with their contact details, purely for use if needed in accordance with the Government’s “Track and Trace” system.  If you feel unwell with possible Covid 19 symptoms, in the days after being at church, please go for a Covid test immediately.