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The Peek Behind the Curtain

Life, at times, hurts like hell. This is true for all of us. But how does our suffering and challenges relate to what is happening spiritually? What’s really going on? Join us as we take a peek behind the curtain and see to understand our battles in light of God’s great purposes. Revelations 12

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Who Will Come To The Wedding?

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially when it comes to deciding who will come. Which friends and family will make the list? The invitations go out and you wait to hear back… Can you imagine, if no wanted to come? You expect that a few people won’t be able to make it, but everyone? […]

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The Way of Peace

Peace is something we all desire yet feels so difficult to grasp. Join us this Sunday as we look at the way of peace and discover how we find peace in a world so often characterised by conflict and chaos. Luke 1:68-80 This was recorded live on Sunday 13th December 2020. The sound file is […]

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