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The Heart of the Issue

‘The church is never a place to show off. Do your good deeds quietly. Serve; don’t seek to be seen’ (Max Lucado). Social media encourages us to share many aspects of our lives, including our success and good deeds. We need wisdom to navigate these times wisely. Join us as we consider Jesus’ teaching in […]

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You Are The Hope Of Your World

‘Jesus is the hope of the world and the local church is the vehicle of expressing¬†that hope to the world’ (Andy Stanley).¬† This means the Church has a central role in God’s purposes on earth. Join us as we continue our journey through the Sermon on the Mount and discover more about how God wants […]

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Handling Loss and Grief

‘Grief is the price we pay for love’ (Queen Elizabeth II). Grief is something that we all will have to go through, whether through loss of someone or something. So learning how to grieve is so important especially where common culture tends to dictate grief is something processed privately.

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