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The Least and the Yeast

Plant a seed. Water it. And wait… You have no idea what is going on under the soil – it is unseen. But if the seed is planted in the right soil and given the right amount of water – growth will come. In this stream, we will be looking at what Jesus taught about […]

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Ready, Steady, Grow!

Good soil is essential for growth. A good seed won’t grow into a healthy plant if the soil isn’t right. Join us this Sunday as Liz explores the first of Jesus’ parables in Matthew’s gospel, which has been known as the Parable of the Sower but really should be called the Parable of the Soil. […]

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Wheat Amongst Weeds

Flowers and weeds grow side-by-side in many gardens – beauty and destruction. In our world good and evil co-exist, each having its impact on our lives. Jesus came to bring new life, peace, hope and freedom so why is there still so much evil in our world? In this livestream Dave will unpack our next […]

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The Grace of God

‘Amazing Grace – how sweet the sound – that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; was blind but now I see.’ This was John Newton’s experience of what God had done in his life. Join us this Sunday as AJ shares how he experienced God’s amazing grace in […]

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Why Parables

Jesus is famous for teaching in parables. He used everyday objects or situations to teach the vast crowds that gathered around him. But why? The answer to this question may seem obvious, but when Jesus answered his inquisitive disciples, he gave them a surprising answer! Join us as Dave launches our new series on the […]

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Prophecy in the Local Church

‘Prophecy is essentially a revelation, not in the sense of being equal to Scripture, but in the sense that a particular truth is laid upon the mind of a believer by the Holy Spirit in order that he or she may communicate it to the members of the church’ Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones. God wants […]

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Does it matter what I believe?

‘It doesn’t matter what you believe, only that you believe in something.’ You may have heard this comment before – it is one that is often said. But is it true? Does it matter what we believe? This Sunday, Dave is going to look at this question and then provide some practical application of how […]

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Out of the Arc

What are you planning to do as we start to leave the ark-like experience of lockdown? This Sunday Liz will be encouraging and challenging us as we set our priorities and sights on life in the new normal. This was live-streamed from our building in Orpington on Sunday 11th April 2021, video starting at 6:40. […]

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Victory – Easter Sunday

Join us live in person or via our live-stream this Sunday to celebrate Easter together and think again about the victory of Jesus Christ! 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 The service starts at 10:48. This was live-streamed from our building on Sunday 4th April 2021. The sound file is just of the sermon.

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The King is coming back

‘It is the blessed hope, it is that to which the Church is looking forward and at the same time, of course, it is the greatest incentive to holy living’ Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones. There are many things we have been hoping for over this past year. But there is one great hope for the […]

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