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Gracious Relationships

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Caroline Flack wrote those words a few weeks before her untimely death. #BeKind‚Äč trended on social media for a while because we all believe kindness is important. However it seems that, in our world, kindness and grace is not the norm. Join us this Sunday […]

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Looking for Love

“Think about it, there must be a higher love…” sung Whitney Houston. Many look for love, but what our hearts desire most is not an earthly love but something higher… God’s love. Join us this Sunday as Liz shares about the amazing love of God. This was live-streamed on Sunday 14th February 2021. Video starts […]

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Growing Together

To grow fruit or vegetables takes time, effort and commitment. And it is exactly the same if you want to grow in your faith.¬† This Sunday Ray is going to unpack our next value: Growing Together. Join us to see how you can grow in your faith and in your relationships in the church. Acts […]

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Everyone is Valued

MVP: Most Valuable Player. We often see that one player (or one person) is valued above others. In fact, we rarely see everyone being valued in the same way. This Sunday Dave is going to share our next value: Everyone is Valued. Join us to discover more and find your place amongst God’s people. Romans […]

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Empowered by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit transformed Peter from a denier of Christ to someone who boldly confessed his faith to hostile opposition. And the Holy Spirit has continued to empower people ever since. Join with us this Sunday as Dave explains our value Empowered by the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:1-11 This was live-streamed on Sunday 24th January […]

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Hunger for God’s Word

“This book is the most valuable thing that this world affords.’ These words were spoken as Queen Elizabeth II was given a Bible at her coronation in 1953. Today, many consider the Bible irrelevant or pick and choose which bits they like. We don’t. Psalm 119:1-16 Join with us in this livestream as Teji unpacks […]

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Passionate Worship

Football supporters show great passion as they cheer on their team. We have so much more to celebrate than a winning goal. So Passionate Worship is one of our values that define us as Unity Church. Join with us as Liz unpacks this value and we worship passionately together. This was live-streamed on Sunday 10th […]

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United in Purpose

Welcome to our first Sunday of 2021. Dave will be inspiring us as he launches our Vision and Values series. This meeting will also have worship and prayer. Judges 7:9-23 This was live-streamed on Sunday 3rd January 2021. The audio is just of the sermon.

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The Waiting’s Over – Christmas Day

As a child, the lead up to Christmas seems extremely long as you eagerly wait to open your presents. This Christmas, we are going to look at a less familiar part of Jesus’ birth-story and meet someone who waited a long time for Jesus’ arrival. Luke 2:22-35 Join us for a short 30 minute meeting […]

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Peace on Earth – Carols by Candlelight

Peace on Earth is something we often see this time of the year. But is this something that we can actually experience or just a vain hope? Join us as we journey through the Christmas story through songs, readings and a short message. This was recorded live on Sunday 20th December 2020. Unfortunately there is […]

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