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Passionate Worship

Football supporters show great passion as they cheer on their team. We have so much more to celebrate than a winning goal. So Passionate Worship is one of our values that define us as Unity Church. Join with us as Liz unpacks this value and we worship passionately together. This was live-streamed on Sunday 10th […]

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United in Purpose

Welcome to our first Sunday of 2021. Dave will be inspiring us as he launches our Vision and Values series. This meeting will also have worship and prayer. Judges 7:9-23 This was live-streamed on Sunday 3rd January 2021. The audio is just of the sermon.

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The Waiting’s Over – Christmas Day

As a child, the lead up to Christmas seems extremely long as you eagerly wait to open your presents. This Christmas, we are going to look at a less familiar part of Jesus’ birth-story and meet someone who waited a long time for Jesus’ arrival. Luke 2:22-35 Join us for a short 30 minute meeting […]

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Peace on Earth – Carols by Candlelight

Peace on Earth is something we often see this time of the year. But is this something that we can actually experience or just a vain hope? Join us as we journey through the Christmas story through songs, readings and a short message. This was recorded live on Sunday 20th December 2020. Unfortunately there is […]

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The Way of Peace

Peace is something we all desire yet feels so difficult to grasp. Join us this Sunday as we look at the way of peace and discover how we find peace in a world so often characterised by conflict and chaos. Luke 1:68-80 This was recorded live on Sunday 13th December 2020. The sound file is […]

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The End is in Sight

When you finally see the peak of the mountain and you know the end is near, it brings a sense of relief and hope. Join us this Sunday as we finish our One Thing Remains series and consider how the end can shape our lives here and now. This was recorded live on Sunday 6th […]

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Transformed in Suffering

God’s purpose will prevail even when all signs seem to suggest the opposite. Join us this Sunday as we are encouraged to look up in faith and see what God is doing during this time. Daniel 11 This video was recorded live on Sunday 29th November 2020. Apologies for the loss of picture in the […]

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On the Frontline

Did you expect the journey of faith to be easier than it has been? Join us this Sunday as we look at life on the Frontline and how we can stand firm in our faith. Daniel 10 This was recorded live on Sunday 22nd November. The video shows the whole service; the sound file is […]

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Eyes on the Prize

To concentrate your vision and focus on the thing that matters helps you navigate through the storms of life. Join us this Sunday as we consider how we can keep our eyes firmly fixed in the right place to make the most of our lives. The video is of the whole streamed service; the sound […]

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Now is the Time

There are moments in our lives, when we recognise an opportunity and deep down we know we must seize it with both hands. Join with us as Pastor Dave shares about the opportunity that is now before each of us – one that we must not miss. Now is the time. Daniel 9 Our meeting […]

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