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Transformed in Suffering

God’s purpose will prevail even when all signs seem to suggest the opposite. Join us this Sunday as we are encouraged to look up in faith and see what God is doing during this time. Daniel 11 This video was recorded live on Sunday 29th November 2020. Apologies for the loss of picture in the […]

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On the Frontline

Did you expect the journey of faith to be easier than it has been? Join us this Sunday as we look at life on the Frontline and how we can stand firm in our faith. Daniel 10 This was recorded live on Sunday 22nd November. The video shows the whole service; the sound file is […]

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Eyes on the Prize

To concentrate your vision and focus on the thing that matters helps you navigate through the storms of life. Join us this Sunday as we consider how we can keep our eyes firmly fixed in the right place to make the most of our lives. The video is of the whole streamed service; the sound […]

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Now is the Time

There are moments in our lives, when we recognise an opportunity and deep down we know we must seize it with both hands. Join with us as Pastor Dave shares about the opportunity that is now before each of us – one that we must not miss. Now is the time. Daniel 9 Our meeting […]

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Power Source

Need more power? Need more energy? Tough times are particularly draining physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join with us this Sunday as we look at Daniel 8 and ask how this difficult message telling of testing times can provide energy and strength to us today. This video includes our full meeting recorded live on 1st November […]

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The Power of Persistent Prayer

Prayer is a challenge. Most of us struggle finding time, energy or concentration, but it is one of the most powerful things any person can do. Join us this week as we look at the power of persistent prayer as Daniel prayed, even with the threat of the Lions Den. Daniel 6

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Vantage Point

From a vantage point you have an excellent perspective to see things clearly. Clear vision is something that seems to be very difficult in this time, so join us for our livestream as we look at life and history from the Vantage Point of Daniel 7. This video includes our full meeting recorded live on […]

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Harvest Celebration

All of us have things that we can give thanks for, whether it be life, health, family, friends, a job, home, food. In this live-stream we will be looking that attitude of gratitude and how important this is in our daily lives. This meeting is for all ages. The message is spread out over the […]

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The Writing’s on the Wall

We continue our journey through the book of Daniel and discover what happened to the arrogant king Belshazzar and how this relates to us today. This video includes our full meeting recorded live on 4th October 2020; the sound file is just of the sermon. Daniel 5

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The Illusion of Control

2020 has been a year out of control – out of our control; out of control of politicians and world powers. In these times, we need to be reminded of a lesson learnt long ago by Nebuchadnezzar. This video includes our full meeting recorded live on 27th September 2020; the sound file is just of […]

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