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The Freedom of Forgiveness

‘Forgiveness breaks the cycle! It doesn’t settle all the questions of blame, justice or fairness, but it does allow relationships to heal and possibly start over’ (John Baker). To experience the freedom of forgiveness we must first come to release how much we have been forgiven first. Join us this Sunday as Dave unpacks our […]

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Lost and Found

Apologies, we had a couple of technical issues, so the video is in two parts. “One is missing.” Those words would cause great concern to a shepherd. They would cause even more concern to a class teacher! Join us this Sunday as Liz inspires us with the truth contained in our next parable, the Parable […]

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CAP Sunday

Can £10 change the world? Ask John Kirby, the founder of Christians Against Poverty, who began this ministry nearly 25 years ago with just £10. Since then, the work of CAP has grown in the UK and in a number of other nations. This Sunday we will be focusing on our CAP ministries (the Job […]

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Christian Allsorts

In 1899 Charlie Thompson, an accident-prone Salesman, tripped up and mixed up all the sweets he was carrying creating a weird and wonderful mix that we now know as Liquorice Allsorts. Many people, when they think of Christians, picture a particular sort of person. But as Liquorice Allsorts are a mixture of sweets with one […]

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All You Need Is Love

All you need is love sung the Beatles in 1967 and many today would agree to their sentiment. Love is what we most deeply desire and at times can seem to pass us by. Join us this Sunday as Paul Wright shares with us from 1 Corinthians 13 and unpacks what love really is and […]

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The Great Price is Right

Have you ever had to save up for something you really wanted to buy? When something is really valuable to you, it is worthwhile saving and selling other possessions to acquire it. In this live-stream, Neil will be sharing with us the message of our next two parables in his sermon ‘The Great Price is […]

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The Least and the Yeast

Plant a seed. Water it. And wait… You have no idea what is going on under the soil – it is unseen. But if the seed is planted in the right soil and given the right amount of water – growth will come. In this stream, we will be looking at what Jesus taught about […]

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Ready, Steady, Grow!

Good soil is essential for growth. A good seed won’t grow into a healthy plant if the soil isn’t right. Join us this Sunday as Liz explores the first of Jesus’ parables in Matthew’s gospel, which has been known as the Parable of the Sower but really should be called the Parable of the Soil. […]

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Wheat Amongst Weeds

Flowers and weeds grow side-by-side in many gardens – beauty and destruction. In our world good and evil co-exist, each having its impact on our lives. Jesus came to bring new life, peace, hope and freedom so why is there still so much evil in our world? In this livestream Dave will unpack our next […]

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The Grace of God

‘Amazing Grace – how sweet the sound – that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; was blind but now I see.’ This was John Newton’s experience of what God had done in his life. Join us this Sunday as AJ shares how he experienced God’s amazing grace in […]

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